Asias next top model 2023 ep 9 năm 2024

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The fifth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model aired on 5 April 2017. Filming took place in Singapore and Malaysia. Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai returned as judges for the panel this cycle, while Kelly Tandiono departed from the show, and was replaced by Cara G. McIlroy. The cycle featured 14 contestants with the prize package included a Subaru Impreza, a cover and fashion spread in Nylon Singapore, and a modeling contract with Storm Model Management in London.

omg Wonjoong has a REALLY HIGH voice hahaha I was laughing so hard listening to him scream and squeak as he walked on the tower. Poor Seungsoo...I love heights so I genuinely cannot fathom how they can be so scared but I laughed at Minjung being like 'I chose the wrong partner'.

Masquerade concept and clothes were a bit uninspired tbh... not my favourite challenge by a long shot

Chulwoo's face only looks good from certain angles? His photo was super unflattering and he is inching towards Yongsoo-levels of apathy sometimes in his interviews...or just always sounds half-asleep ._.

I squealed last week when I saw Soo Joo in the preview but she didn't participate in the actual photoshoot )))): girl gave on-point critiques though! I winced a little for Minjung's sake

The right person definitely went home this time. I think they were trying to do an underdog-to-frontrunner story with Yongsoo but he was too inconsistent. A pity - he really has a good look

Are two of them going to be eliminated next week? It seemed like that was the implication with the previews It shouldn't be week is Ep 10 and there are 13 episodes, no? : /// I just want Seungsoo and Gibbeum to go through - happy with whoever becomes the third person!

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IA with you about the apathy. They both have zero emotion in their voices, and they're all on one flat, very boring note. Jieun's a little like that too. At least Seungsoo, Gibbeum and Minjung have tone and expression to their voices.

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Aww my bb yongsoo, but i know it was his time to go. I hope if he does end up pursuing this career that he'll improve alot in the future.

LOL at wonjoong when he was up on the tower xD i didn't expect him to react so scared. And chulwoo being full of himself haha

I enjoyed this ep alot just by seeing them having so much fun on this trip and i loved this week's shoot concept! Minjung looked especially stunning. it was the first time i felt she really looked like a model :) but yeah the final cuts were disppointing tho sans jieun

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I feel Yongsoo is like a little baby model who needs to grow into his own personality and sense of self in order to be able to properly use his stunning looks. I'm sure the experience on this show helped a lot and he will have success going forward if he keeps at it. He was definitely the right person to go this time.

I loved seeing them all enjoy their trip to Canada! The photoshoot concept was sort of hit or miss. I agreed with the judges that a lot of the results were disappointing.

I adore Seungsoo so much, I want him to win it all. I would have liked to see his take on Yongsoo's concept (and Chulwoo's, for that matter). I bet he would have rocked those stronger poses with his knowing stares and sexy smirks. <3

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disappointed in min jung's final cut. it looked like she was photographing so well---not sure what they were thinking with that shot...soo joo's critique was pretty on point but i dont think min jung is to blame...

damn ji eun's shots r GORGEOUS! omg! look at all that sexual energy u go girl!

no sure what happened with chul woo because even when i dont like him he tends to perform really well. such a shame for this to be a bust because i think his shot could've been REALLY interesting had he shown more angles.

damn gi beum's final cut...was really not great. i agree with soo joo's criticisms.

the angle of seung soo's photo is not my favorite but i'm not mad at it. it has a nice shape i just wish we saw more of his face.

yong soo *sighs* soo joo right again---he is VERY photogenic. such a great face it's just a shame that he's not there yet in strength. time for my bb to go home...

congrats on ji eun she def had the best photo! and of course it was time for my bb to leave. i'm proud he made it this far but he barely held on to the miraculous confidence he finally started to gain. shame since he has such a great face...

i'm curious as to who they'll pick for top 3. i think seung soo is there no matter what but i feel like they might shock me based on the next challenge.

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I just don't understand how they pick best cuts; Minjung's B was far better than her A, so what were they thinking?

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It was about time! I kiiiind of hope Cheolwoo goes next?

I'm so confused about what photos they pick for each model's A/B cuts. Minjung's B cut was much much much better than her A cut (just as, a few weeks ago for the alien photoshoot, Gibbeum's B was far better than her A). It was like intentional sabotage to bring her down? It was ridiculous, especially when Seungsoo took longer to get into it and scored higher than her. What were they expecting her to do with that theme? When she was Cinderella they thought she looked boring and the dress wasn't pretty, when she tried to show the dress it was plain, boring, cheap, unimaginative and she "didn't understand the brief". She literally couldn't win with this one. How would they have had her do it?

I like her a lot. :( But I'm not sure she's going to win. I've settled for Jieun. I'd be happy if Jieun wins. She's amazing and she hasn't had a bad photo


. I hope that hasn't jinxed her....

Edited at 2014-10-16 10:55 pm (UTC)

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I think the final three will be Seungsoo, Jieun and Gibbeum unless Minjung pulls a stunner out of the bag like she did with the Gingerbread Man. (I not-so-secretly hope for this.)

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kori_ya 17th-Oct-2014 09:18 am (UTC)

Seeing Yongsoo go was a bit sad, cause he would be so damn good, if he knew what he had to do and how to do it. I really like his face.

Jieun is better than I thought. I don't like her that much, but she improved a lot.

And next week two people will be out?? Oh my, that's gonna be hard! Gibeum should be TOP3, as well as Seungsoo.

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im so happy jieun, gibbeum and minjung are in top5 they should be top3 tbh

everyone is so amazed by seungsoo but what has he done apart from the ~looking angry~ face? yeah, nothing. he looks the same all the time.

i like chulwoo but its his time to go, the people left are much better than him

minjung blossomed so much, for the past 3 weeks she started to look very good in each photo, im rooting for her

jieun also does the same thing most of the time, the amount of times shes done love and sexy concepts is a bit too much but i feel like thats the producers fault (same with seungsoo). they're biased towards them hence why the two are deffo going to be top3. i wish it was minjung, gibbeum and another person but i dont think that will be the case.

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bauci 19th-Oct-2014 05:33 pm (UTC)

I think it was unfair to make people who were afraid of heights to go out but whatever, that's what most top model contest do at one point or another. When this all ends I need an edit of Cheulwoo eating. Boy loves to stuff himself and it makes me strangely happy to watch him do it 8D The photoshoot was kinda cool but after seeing next week's preview I'm super excited for the go-sees.

Edited at 2014-10-19 05:37 pm (UTC)

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adenar 21st-Oct-2014 08:31 pm (UTC)

i feel bad, as soon as it was announced that gibbeum was through i completely stopped caring about who left although once they announced that yongsoo was going i was pleased as fuck. finally. i have had 0 patience for his lack of skills since about four episodes in

my dream is an all-girl final but it'll probably be jieun + gibbeum + seungsoo unless chulwoo has another stunner of a week which makes me sad, i'm tired of seungsoo's limited expressions and minjung has been so consistently climbing the ranks and deserves his spot.

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