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Do you know more than 80% of website visitors visit your site but have no intention of buying anything? How to attract customers? Do customers still care about the product on your website after leaving?

After finding all ways to attract visitors to the website, you have to spend money on all types of ads that are running Facebook ads, Google Adwords, SEO, Viral with Youtube Clip, writing PR articles on the forum, placing banner ads. And … a lot of potential customers will visit the Website a lot ….

But the problem is “noticeable” is: if most of your customers go to the Website and exit, re-enter and exit without buying any product or service, then they do not leave any information. gone like a wind, the reason could be because your site is not “enticing”? Your offer is not attractive or rather you have not left the customer the information to track

1. Why should popups be used?  

There are many people viewing your website. People are referencing information, buyers, rivals …

So which one do you need the best to serve? It is people who are in need of purchases.

This is your potential customer. They are desirous of being fulfilled. When you solve their problems, they will pay you.

With this potential customer popups motivate them to click on to see if products are having promotions

The customer who was not intending to buy at that time was the person who was in the process of searching for information for reference.

With this customer you can nurture a good impression in them when they come back and want to buy really with popups to leave information that needs advice, or encourage them to track promotional information.

Understandably, the purpose of the popup is to support call-to-action. These activities may be announcements about the deals you want customers to know, but another purpose of the popup is for customers to save email addresses, phone numbers to receive upcoming offers, turning them into loyal customers

Call To Action is a way that businesses attract users, attract the attention of customers to participate in viewing Blog / Website / Social networking sites, encourage them to perform behaviors (usually buying behavior). goods) that the business wants. And one way to do that is by making good calls to action.

2. Attract guests with Popups 

  • When using the tool “Suction visitors” will display a form / window on the website when visitors browse the web.
  • With more than 150 designs available Popups sale for seasonal website & website effects
  • Many people find the popup form unappealing or disrupt the user experience. In fact, the opposite of the popup created stimulates, directly impacting the feelings of the shopper. Attract their wishes, causing them to make a decision right away or they will miss. Popups in the form of promotional, discounted and time-based popups will prompt consumers to buy the product immediately, while popup counts the number of buyers to help customers feel more confident.

3. Utilities attract customers to increase efficiency

1 – Banner Sales
2 – Countdown
3 – Contact form
4 – Banner Ads
5 – Share MXH
6 – Tet effect
7 – Shoppers
8 – Press call
9 – Valentine effect
10 – Whatsapp Chat

  • A good popups will attract visitors and you can quickly deliver the message they really care.
  • You can use popups to turn visitors into email subscribers by promising to send more attractive resources, and make them feel like they will receive some exclusive resources.
  • You can also use it to provide discount codes, new products or services, member-only access, etc.
  • A Pop Up countdown will create excitement, excitement for customers, prompt customers to buy or use the product.

Popup will increase the number of visits. For example, when you have multiple email subscribers, you can take advantage of email marketing to increase brand recognition. You also have the opportunity to reach 70% of the visitors who are about to leave, making them come back to your brand.

We already know popup can do it. So for popup to be considered a good popup, it must take on the role of connecting well with visitors, attractive but not interrupting the web surfing experience.

3. Statistics of attracting customers

Many surveys and surveys have shown that the most effective attraction utility helps the website to boost sales by up to 75%, increasing sales by 5 times.

It is reported that the crawl popup has attracted more than 40% of the email than the form of displaying the email in the menu bar.

Typically, in a user survey, a website usually receives 10 to 15 subscribers a day, although the number of daily visitors is more than 1,000. After using the popup with 60 seconds of display, they quickly obtained 80 to 120 emails per day.

Conversion rates from emails are one of the most effective methods. In addition, the personal email inbox of customers is one of the environments that attract attention, where information is collected from channels that interest customers, through e-mail messages, you will have Free opportunity to deliver promotional information to customers that no other form can be achieved.

What are you waiting for you to experience the free of the tools to attract visitors click on the link below

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